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October 8, 2009

If you notice a decidedly feminine slant to the tone of this entry, fear not, Eric is still an incredibly manly man, he is just simply not typing this evening. Instead you get me, Jenn, typing my first little blog. Partly this is due to the fact that Eric, for the past 2&1/2 weeks has been working his security job from midnight to 8am, and then going straight to Realty Broker school from 9-5pm…coming home for a quick 5-6 hour nap and then starting the whole process over again. If our life were a movie this would be the part where they show a montage of a guy constantly running to catch trains, studying at 4am at the Security office, and squinting back fatigue during a 3pm lecture, all while some really sympathetic alternative rock song plays in the background. Only problem is it’s not a movie. Rough seasons in life decidedly last longer than 30 seconds and are rarely accompanied by perfectly placed songs which mirror your feelings,  while giving you  hope for what is around the bend. We don’t know what’s around the bend. God, of course does. So Eric will keep running to catch the next train, and work a third shift job while training for a new job, and hopefully soon…this little rough patch will be a memory…not insignificant, but past and therefore easier to look back on and smile (or at least smirk).

As for me,  I pride myself that I might actually be the friendliest receptionist in Manhattan. (I know…y’all never thought I could do it). This says quite a bit for my acting skills…as I do infact detest answering phones all day long =). But it does have it’s livelier moments. Yesterday for instance, a man called the bowling alley and asked if I had “10 pound balls”. When I assured him that we did he replied, “how can you walk around?” So yes…grownups in NYC apparently do still enjoy making juvenile prank phone calls. On the upside that was one less person that I had to recite our dress code to for the 2,000th time…so it kind of was a highlight to my day.

Auditions updates: well Eric obviously has not had time to sleep lately, so auditions have been out for him. Although, he did have his Showcase performance for TAP on monday night which drew a few agents, (that’s right, between class and work he managed to use up his the last 4 hours of his day to perform…”way to go honey!”).  As for me, I got a call back for a lead in an independent film about 2 weeks ago. That was fun! And although I didn’t get the part it was incredibly encouraging to make it through to call backs at an audition where at least 200 people showed up. Made me feel like waiting in those God-forsaken lines isn’t always in vain. Not much since then though. My fibro has been kicking pretty hard, so I’m just trying to roll with that and not let it drive me crazy. (If any of you know someone with fibro…give them a hug…or at least some chocolate.  Seriously it is absolutely horrendous. If I make it big…I’m becoming a spokesperson for fibro and giving motivational talks.)

On a different note, there are lots of rats in NYC. Lots!  The first time I noticed one was in the subway when I was coming home from that short student film shoot back in June. It was 4 am in the morning and the bowels of the time square station were filled with stifling hot humid air mingled with the smell of dirt, beer breath, and urine. I peered down the tunnel  praying that the train would come soon. That’s when I saw him…running through the tracks, weaving inbetween the puddles of god-knows-what, and nibbling on bits of discarded candy wrappers. I rolled my eyes and tried not to gag, and prayed harder for that dear N train to arrive. That was my first experience. But since then, folks, my attitude towards those little vermin has dramitcally changed. Here is the thing. In the midwest…rats are ALWAYS out of place, there is no way around it. They are the intruders, the violators, the nemeses who thieve through your very attics and basements and work places. “They must die a painful death !” we decree, as we wish the Pied Piper were not  just a man of legend. But in New York. I don’t know, it’s different. There are so many DESPERATE people in this city. Desperate for money, desperate for food, desperate for a job, desperate for a quick fix, desperate for some cheap imitation of real love, desperate for attention. It is absolutely depressing. But I have yet to see a desperate rat! No, infact they seem pretty darn happy. Though it initially disgusted me, the fact is that they aren’t out of place here. The other day I saw a mamma  rat with 2 little babies scampering at her side through those same tracks. None of them were afraid of humans, or even seemed to have a clue that in general their species is regarded as deplorable. She seemed happy to show her little ones the grand provision that city had laid out for them. They looked pretty plump and and although eager for their next meal, NOT desperate for it.

God provides for even rats.

So, yeah…Eric and I are gonna be just fine.