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Agent Update

August 21, 2011

Jonathan (my scene partner/friend from improv class) and I had our meeting on Thursday with the agent.  There were quite a few people there and I think she was seeing 10-15 different pairs that day.  From what I can gather, most people were told to call her on Friday.  At that point, she would tell them, at worst, that she simply was not going to represent them or, at best, that she was not going to represent them but would love to see them in a show if they were in anything in the near future so she could (possibly) reevaluate her decision.

She told me that she wanted me to call her on Monday so we could talk about another meeting.  However, before I even got home that evening, she had emailed me to set up our next appointment.  After getting through a few scheduling issues, we set up our next meeting for September 9th in the late afternoon.  She’s going on vacation for two weeks starting this Tuesday.  The delay is going to be tough to wait through but my feeling is that this will simply be a formality of talking through expectations, hopes, and making sure we get along okay.  So, I’m hoping that I’m just a few weeks away from officially having an agent.

I don’t know a lot but I believe she has her hand in a lot of top-line tv shows…like Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, the Law and Orders…and is working hard to get more involved in movies.  Either way, if it’s true that she’s about to become my agent, auditions will open up to me that I can’t even touch without her.  I’m not meaning to count my chickens before they hatch but I do want to praise Jesus for this.  A lot of prayer went into this audition and it went about as well as it possibly could have.  A lot of prayer will go into this next meeting and I would appreciate any that all of you could cry out.

I know I serve a God that has limitless power.  If it is His will, things are about to change simply by His hand.  Not by anything that I can claim as my own, but by the power of He who holds the heavens in His hands.  I know I’m more ready for whatever happens than I’ve ever been and that, too, is by His hand.  How humbling it is that the Almighty Creator would care enough to do amazing work inside me.  I don’t deserve His attention or affection and, yet, He gives me more than I even have the capacity to accept.  Praise God.

No news yet on the audition for the movie–just in case you were wondering.


First Reel

August 15, 2011

One thing that has been asked of me a lot is “can I see your reel?”  However, even though I have now done about 10 different film/tv projects, I only have copy from two.  Both short.  So, I finally gave up on waiting and asked a veteran film-master from church if he would be willing to film me doing a monologue just so I would have enough footage for a decent reel.  It’s not ideal because the monologue takes up about 6 minutes of it and, typically, you want a lot of different projects taking up about 1 minute apiece.  But at least it’s something that I can show to those that need to see a little of me acting.  I’ve sent it out to a few production companies that had asked for it, already this morning.  For what it is, I think it came out well.

Here is the link if anyone is interested.    P.S.  There’s a lot of bad words.

August ’11

August 4, 2011

Wow.  It has been a long time since I have updated anything on here.  That’s mostly because there hasn’t been much to report acting-wise.  God has been doing a lot of work in me and, I think, in my family.  Jenn has settled in to her job at Steinway.  I’ve hopped from short-term job to short-term job.

So, the updates.  First, I recently started and finished an improv class at Upright Citizens Brigade.  I was really annoyed that I had to start at level 101 but I thought it would be a networking opportunity if nothing else.  The class had some benefit as far as teaching me something.  I got worse about halfway-through but then internalized enough of the new rules that I was able to relax and just do what I do well:  which is come up with very specific, strange characters–one completely different than the last.  We just had the show and people seemed to enjoy what I did…so I guess that’s a success.

The part (regarding the class) that seems to matter a little more at this point was that the class really was great for networking, filled with really solid actors.  Since I hadn’t had much access to other actors before the class, I had basically forgotten about that agent that wanted to see me do a scene with another actor.  But seeing the talent and similar circumstances of some of the actors, my memory was jogged and I took the chance to give her a call again.  I explained that we had met many months before when she called me in and how she had asked to see a scene but how there had been one delay after another.  She asked me to send my headshot and resume again before she could make a decision.  I called her a few days later and she said that, yes, she would be interested in seeing me and another actor perform a 5-minute scene for her.   We set a date for the morning two weeks from today.

I asked one of the male actors I trusted from class if he would be interested and he agreed.  We went through a few scenes (thank you, youtube) and decided on one quickly.  We just had our first rehearsal and have a few more scheduled before the big day.  It should be good.  We’ll see.

The other big (and more anticipated) news is about the movie I wrote about in my last post 7 months ago.  The director sent everyone a message last weekend.  He explained how the script had changed a lot and now the movie had a different title and a different distributor (Warner Bros.).  He gave the good news that everything was now set and ready to go.  The money was in the place, the script was finalized, and we were greenlighted to start shooting in October.  Then, at the end of the message, he slipped in the little nugget that the cast had been completely reset, all roles were wide open and that we would be informed of auditions when dates and locations were set.  That was a bit of blow.

I called him a few days later to ask him about what had happened.  The short version is that there were a lot of problems with the script, an investor dropped off the map and the distributor backed out.  So, they completely re-worked the story (to the point that my original role doesn’t even exist anymore) and re-thought the concept.  It was a subtle thriller in the tone of SEVEN but it now is an action crime drama in the tone of a mix between TAKEN and RUNNING SCARED.  The number of roles increased but, because the new distributor wanted a say in casting, everyone that had already signed a contract was fired and they would not agree to the movie unless the cast was completely reset.  Even the executive producer (who was also the lead role) was removed and placed in a much smaller side part.

So, he said there were three big parts available that he thought I would be great for and for which he wants me to read.  They are all very different and we’ll see if I actually get to read for all three of them.  The big difference now is that, while the director still gets to pick who he wants for each part, he has to submit his choices to the distributor and the other producers for their approval.  So, it’s not as simple as just convincing one guy that already really likes me.  I have to convince about ten very different, very opinionated people that I’m the right guy.  The upside is that, last time, I was going up against about 100 different guys originally and, this time, it will only be about 10 guys per role.

God answered bold prayers last time.  He has the power to do it again this time.  I don’t know what He has planned but I’ll be asking boldly again and I would love it if any of you would do the same.

The auditions, by the way, have not been finalized yet but they are supposed to be in August…so this is a really big month.  I haven’t felt this kind of or amount of pressure in a long while and I having to readjust quite a bit.  But I’ve given it over to God.  I know that, no matter what happens this month or the next few months, my devotion to Him will not change for anything but the better.  So, I will pray for these amazing blessings to come through in a way that only He can provide, but His will will be done and I will be His no matter what He gives or doesn’t give me.  This life of mine is His and He will guide it how He sees fit.  His power has no limit…nor does His wisdom…so I will do my best but trust His will is always better than my dreams.  Phew.