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Agent Update Followup

September 12, 2011

I had the meeting with the agent this past Friday.  It started out awkwardly enough with her asking me if I brought some basic things for her.  I didn’t and told her so.  She seemed confused how I would do that and I told her that I didn’t know what this meeting was and, therefore, didn’t know what to do or expect.  Then she said the magic words, “Oh.  Well, Eric, I want to represent you.  I’m your agent now.”

There was then about 20 minutes more of conversation.  The exciting part of that conversation was that she knew I was a “character-actor” which was a massive relief.  So many casting directors and other agents I’ve talked to or met with (at seminars, auditions, etc.) have seen me and assumed I was a leading/straight man and that’s it.  My guess is that it’s because they are very simple-minded and think any guy that is at all handsome must be a regular guy leading man actor.  Meg (my agent) saw me do one scene and knew that I was more of a character actor and that is how she plans on marketing me.

The other side of that is that I still have some work to do before we really get started.  I have two very good but very basic headshots.  Apparently, it’s a thing now where websites people can set up for you will feature many headshots all intended to show off a different character you can easily portray.  So, her assignment to me was to get caught up on all tv shows that cast in NYC enough to get a strong idea of their tone and look.  Then come up with about 12 different looks and characters, get a decent photographer, and have 10-15 good headshots to be able to put up.  Then she can use all those looks to market my “power to transform” when she submits me for things.  I need to get this done in 2-3 weeks and, of course, the sooner the better.  Because a lot of shows are starting to cast right now.

Meg’s strength definitely seems to be dramatic television.  She certainly has her foot in that door.  Film is something that is growing for her, though she doesn’t have as much to show for in that realm yet.  She doesn’t seem to mess with commercial work too much but she’s got a lot of connections in theater.  Anyway, that’s the update for now.

God is moving in a lot of ways and I feel a shift taking place in a few areas.   I don’t know exactly what that will translate into but I’m excited to get a chance to praise His name for things that even non-believers or hesitant believers have to take notice of.  No matter what happens, my faith in Him will not be shaken because He has given me that and strengthened me in that way.  But this is a blessing that I don’t want to overlook or ignore because I know it came directly from Him in His time.  Praise the Creator and Savior of all for using His own hand in my small little life.  He is huge and loving and powerful and somehow caring enough to be right in the middle of all the details.  He amazes me more everyday.