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About Waiting

August 23, 2012

There once was a man.  He once was a writer.  Now he was not.  He once was an athlete.  Now he was not.  He once was a great performer.  But, now, he was not.  Now, he was a waiter.  Not to say he served food but, simply, that he waited.  He waited for someone to tell him what to do.  He waited for someone to ask him for help.  He waited to see if there was anything out there that needed to be done.  He waited to hear a voice from the sky telling him the path he must walk.  He waited because he feared that a step in any direction might be the wrong direction.  And, so, he waited for something to change–good or even bad–hoping THAT would shake him from his static nature.  He waited.

But, one day, Opportunity came and sat on his chest, waiting for him when he awoke.  It ushered him up and out of bed.  It kept a clock while he showered and held the towel when he got out.  It set out his clothes and tied his shoes and reminded him to lock up when he left.  It reminded him to smile until no reminder was needed.  It reminded him to watch for basic needs of other people.  It prayed with him on the train and kept his eyes out of trouble.  It made him hopeful but humble and grateful for the day.  

Then, one day, the man picked up Opportunity and ran, leaping, down the road.  He was paid for this act, enough to feel respected.  Then, later, enough to hold his own.  Then, later, enough to hold for two.  Then, one day, he became a father.  He raised his children with love and awe for The Father.  He spoke words of wisdom and shared all that he had.  He had no fear and this made people nervous, but the people that knew him knew he was good.  Then, one day,  he could support everyone he knew.  He gave them guidance and love and opportunities of their own.  

Then, one day, he was thanked for all of this.  He could barely accept the gratitude of the others, because all that he did was all that he wanted.  One day, there was a lead role in a fairy tale and he was cast and all of that waiting was a thing of the past…

One day.